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The Rat's Heart - A Modern Day Fable

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

We finally finished our book that Michael and I started back in March when this Covid19 virus just started to break out in China. Instead of curling up in a ball and becoming a junkie we decided to write and illustrate this amazing book about a rat.

The book is loved by all and has already been added to a school library and being read in the classroom to 8 year olds. We have readers that are 80+ that also love the book so the age demographic is massive. This book was created for the coffee table as a gift book. This book is very unique and not like many be the judge.

It's amazing what partnerships get formed when forced to work from home and build a new business to share the creative part of oneself. Oh..and to keep one's sanity throughout this Pandemic and Economic turmoil is the added bonus.

The Book "The Rat's Heart"

"He woke up as a rat who has one night to find his heart or he will be a rat forever."

A modern day fable for adult, The Rat's Heart is about a love that tries to overcome all the lonely odds.

"This story takes you into the very gutters of our city streets, searching for that illusive part of us perhaps. Humorous, witty, deeply moving but ever hopeful, this beautifully illustrated book takes you from a place where ‘the stars never seemed so far away’ to one well within our reach." ~Felicity

Gift Book Version Or search Amazon for the ebook; The Rats Heart

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