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bluemoon2017 2018 bluemoon2018 2019 frankiebe1 2020 I use this code to keep the order of parameters: (defn myfunc [param1 param2 param3] (println param1 "------> " param2 "------> " param3)) The results I get are: frankiebe1 ------> frankiebe1 ------> 2020 Why is the function starting from scratch for every call? A: The parameters are transformed according to the order in which they are appended to the vector. So the order of the parameters is :param1 :param2 :param3 And the first one is not empty. If you want to print all the parameters, then you should create the vector first, then loop over it. (def v (vec [1 2 3 4])) (doseq [k v] (println k)) You just need to use seq or invert the order of your parameters. (println (first (seq param1 param2 param3)))) > (myfunc 1 2 3) 1 ------> 2 ------> 3 1------> 2------> 3 Relationships between the macrophage Fc receptor and the rat T lymphocyte response. The role of the Fc receptor for IgG (Fc gamma R) in the T cell activation process was studied by comparing the effect of monoclonal anti-Fc gamma R antibodies on the proliferation of T cells stimulated with different mitogens. In addition, the kinetics of the uptake of anti-Fc gamma R antibody by T cells was measured. All of the monoclonal antibodies were capable of inhibiting the T cell proliferation in a dose-dependent manner. The presence of the monoclonal antibodies at the time of activation completely inhibited the proliferative response induced by a polyclonal population of IgG-binding lymphocytes. In contrast, only monoclonal antibodies directed against the high affinity receptor for IgG (Fc gamma RII) inhibited the proliferation of the polyclonal population. The anti-Fc gamma RII antibodies did not inhibit the proliferative response of T cells stimulated by antigen-pulsed or irradiated APC



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